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International joint program

UNESCO Chair on Sustainability

Urban adaptation to resilient futures in informal settlements

This educational program is open to receive expressions of interest from scholars and academic partners.  For information on particular aspects of the program, and windows for collaboration, please fill in our Request info form, or contact Duván López from UNESCOSOST, Carlos Agudelo at La Salle University, or Mathieu Feagan from the Arizona State University ().

To participate into the program through the International Student Research program (IRES) and Resilient Urban Latin America (RULA), please contact Emily Key, Education Program Coordinator at URExSRN ( The IRES call for proposals and the URExSRN project are under exclusive coordination of the Arizona State University


Supported by:
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Recycling the City Network
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Plattform of People Affected by Risk and Ressetlement 
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