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Implementation strategy



To achieve its key objectives, the UNESCO Chair on Sustainability works with a general structure based on 5 distinct areas:

-Education Area (Dra Beatriz Escribano, UPC Staff)

-Projects Area (Dr. Leonardo Martin Perez)

-Communication and Networking Area (Luis D. Diaz) 

-Strategic Projects (Dr. Guillermo Penagos)

-Administrative and Economic Area (MSc. Brent Villanueva; Technical Secretary)


Dr. Jordi Morato is the coordinator of the UNESCO Chair, supported by a multidisciplinary team formed by 35 people who work in various activities and projects. Among the team, we can differentiate between: 1) personnel employed by the Polytechnic University of Catalonia (UPC Staff, 7 members), 2) associate or cooperating staff financed by projects (Contracted staff), and 3) trainees or members of our global internship program (Student Trainee Temporal staff). All 5 directors from each area and the coordinator constitute the board of directors, which meets periodically. Many times, contracted staff and student temporal staff are invited to participate in the meetings of the board of directors.


The UNESCO Chair on Sustainability developed a network of offices and supported teams in a variety of strategic countries (Joint Offices Network) through collaboration agreements between Universities. The joint offices directly manage field projects originating from the different agreements and international cooperation promoted by the UNESCO Chair on Sustainability at UPC. These partnerships began in 2011 and were formalized during 2014 with the ratification of official agreements, creating the offices in Medellín, Colombia, with the Tecnológico de Antioquia (TdeA), and the office of Salvador de Bahia, Brazil, with the Universidade Federal da Bahia (UFBA). In Peru, a virtual office was created, in order to facilitate the coordination of projects in different areas and with different University partners.


Other important groups and operative functions currently active are:


* Human Rights Group: Xavier Alvarez – UPC Staff

* Recycling the City Network (RECNET): Nicola Tollin

* Joint Office Peru: Rosario Pastor

* Joint Office Colombia: Jorge Montoya

* Joint Office Brasil: Heraldo Peixoto

* Joint Office Mexico: Enrique Navarro

* Joint Office Argentina: Gaby Paraje

* Panamazonia: Josep Pont Vidal



Other strategic supported teams are:

Escuela de Arquitectura de la Univ. Autónoma Nacional de México: Dr. Hermilo Salas

Escuela de Arquitectura de la Univ. Nacional de Educación de Cuenca, Ecuador: Dr. Javier Collado

Nucleo Altos Estudios Amazonicos (NAEA) de la Univ. Fed. Para, Belem, Brasil: Dr. Josep Pont

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