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Fall Of The Titanic Download




The Panoramic Dining Room is open from 12pm, the Lobby Bar is open from 10.30am, and the First-Class Lounge is open from 6.30am. Please note that the Gallery of Maps and Panoramas and the Wreck of the Titanic will close for refurbishment at 1pm today. The Gallery of Maps and Panoramas will reopen on 28 January 2012. DINING ROOM The Panoramic Dining Room is open for lunches and dinners, from 12pm, with an early dinner from 5pm. Breakfast and afternoon tea are served in the Main Restaurant. The Dining Room is a spacious two-storey room with wooden paneling and warm red decor. The room is decorated with hundreds of objects, collected by Harland and Wolff. CURRENTS The Centenary Exhibition and Story of the Titanic In 2008, Harland and Wolff invited the Royal National Institute for the Blind and the Royal National Institute for Deaf People (RNID) to help tell the story of the Titanic’s arrival at the heart of Belfast, in the Centenary Exhibition. The RNID worked with expert engineers and designers to create ‘The Story of the Titanic’. The exhibition explores how the Titanic was built, before it set sail on its fateful maiden voyage. The Story of the Titanic’s Ride to Belfast The Titanic took a number of hours to travel from her builders’ shed at Harland and Wolff, in Belfast, to the Hudson River. In addition to her sisterships SS Olympic, SS Mauretania and SS Aquitania, she was the last ‘White Star Line’ ocean liner to be built, with a target of putting her on the first transatlantic crossing. Design The design of the Titanic was challenging, especially when combined with her extraordinary depth. It was designed for a maiden voyage, and her ‘survivability’ was limited when a collision with an iceberg resulted in her loss. She is the only passenger liner to have ever sunk with the loss of all 1,500 people on board. The Titanic was built using 20 tons of ‘jelly dough’ – a new type of building material that was the brainchild of J. Bruce Ismay, Titanic’s chief architect. This revolutionary technology consisted of a patented recipe for a rapidly set up mixture of gristle and glue,




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Fall Of The Titanic Download

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