Zenú Project in Córdoba, Colombia

The UNESCO Chair of Sustainability is preparing a project to recover cultural intangible heritage (PCI) from the zenú communities and to improve local development, with the University of Córdoba and other stakeholders in the Cordoba region.

The Zenú culture corresponded to different communities that inhabited the valleys of the Sinú, San Jorge and the Caribbean coasts of the Gulf of Morrosquillo, in the departments of Córdoba and Sucre in Colombia. The Zenú developed 200 years A.C. a hydraulic society that built a series of drainage channels, which allowed them to control floods and adapt large areas for housing and crops.

The project will provide methodologies to improve food security for descendants of the Zenú population, through a development project at the local level using different tools to promote the creation of inclusive and sustainable businesses.

The project is being prepared with entities in the area, coordinated by the University of Córdoba (UC) and in collaboration with the Pontificia Bolivariana University (UPB).

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