Field visit of the "Aprendiendo del Zenú" Project

Researchers from the University of Córdoba and the UNESCO Chair on Sustainability carried out a day of socialization of the project "Aprendiendo del Zenú. Proposal on knowledge of indigenous engineering for the management of floods and droughts in Córdoba, Colombia ".

With the purpose of advancing the first technical reconnaissance visit in the field, for the definition of intervention area and socio-economic profiles of the Molina community, in the municipality of Tuchín, the first field trip was held on Friday, February 16 for the formulation of the Zenú project, with the accompaniment of the researchers Dr. Luz Marina Arias (Aquaculture Program), Mg. Angélica Bustamante (Dir. Environmental Engineering Program), Mg. Angela Ma Moreno Barros (Researcher UNESCO Chair on Sustainability - UNICÓRDOBA Teacher) and Carolina Herrera Soto (UNICÓRDOBA Scholar and UNESCO Chair in Sustainability), within the framework of the inter-institutional agreement that seeks to strengthen the investigative capacities of academic institutions with the formulation of proposals for sustainable social development and safeguarding of the Intangible Cultural Heritage of the region.

On behalf of the scientific committee, we thank the Social Entrepreneur and Project Coordinator OVOP Colombia Tuchín Esp. Ruth Mary Vega, Mr. Luis Salgado member of the Zenú Mayor Council, Minor Captain of the Molina Yovani Cafiel Madrid Council and all the other participants.

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