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Journal of Cleaner Production


Announcement about an exciting opportunity for Operations Researchers


For 22 years, Elsevier’s Journal of Cleaner Production (JCLP) has been publishing high quality research papers based upon the prevention of environmental and social problems rather than cleaning up after we create them. The JCLP’s authors, reviewers and editors are dedicated to foster development and implementation of innovative transitions to achieve equitable, post-fossil carbon societies, which are truly sustainable.


Consequently, JCLP editors encourage authors to prepare articles, which integrate new topics, concepts, theories and approaches, which will then be published in special topic volumes and in general volumes.

operations researchers JCLEPRO_ernesto and don 2014



  • Operations research;

  • Operations management;

  • Decision support systems;

  • Sustainability


Corresponding author. Tel.: +55 73 91800067.

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