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Appropriate Technologies & Bioengineering

The UNESCO Chair on Sustainability at UPC is developing, in cooperation with other universities and stakeholders, an innovative approach integrating research, knowledge generation, capacity building and global cooperation to promote innovative technologies to meet social, environmental and economic needs and thus contribute to prepare students from different cultures for XXI century global society.

We are working in research related to the planning and designing of local and regional space through a mat of multifunctional networks of ecoinfrastructures and settlements with zero carbon emissions, ensuring sustainable management of ecosystem services, with emphasis on the management of water resources at the basin level.


The UNESCO Chair has a great knowledge about the use and application of appropriate low-cost or social technologies for water management (urban or rural), to increase the well-being of communities and the capacity to produce goods and services. Different constructed or treatment wetlands, buffer strips, sustainable urban drainage systems and other appropriate technologies are designed, developed and constructed at different scales, in a water sensitive urban design framework. 

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