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Eddy Moors

Chair of the Global Network of Water Museums (WaMuNet)

Chair of the Global Network of Water Museums (WaMuNet). In his daily life he is Rector of IHE Delft Institute for Water Education. He also holds the position of professor “Water and Climate” at VU University, Amsterdam, the Netherlands. Moors started his career at the World Meteorological Organization working in Africa and the Caribbean. Before coming to Delft, he worked at Wageningen Environmental Research. 

Moors is among others member of the board of trustees of the Just Digit Foundation and Chair of the SENSE research school. He is associated editor of the Elsevier journal “Environmental Science and Policy” as well as member of the editorial board of “Climate Services” also of Elsevier. He has a background in hydrology and climate change research on mitigation and on adaptation topics. The present focus of his research is on the occurrence of trends and extremes as well as on measures to mitigate these extremes using a systems approach. The present challenges related to water are holistic and therefor asking for an interdisciplinary and transdisciplinary approach. Especially because of the latter he has a keen interest to bring historical knowledge in the perspective of today’s water challenges related to climate change.

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